About Me

Welcome to Good Chives Only! My name is Shauna – I am Jersey born & Iowa raised. I have an amazing husband, a crazy puppy and I’m optimistic by nature. I hope to share GOOD CHIVES (please tell me you get it?) with you all through recipes, pictures, and my hilarious wit.

To put it simply, I love food. I love finding new recipes, I love trying new ingredients, I love updating my cooking techniques, and by golly do I LOVE EATING. But it wasn’t until three and a half years ago, when my husband Ross and I started our 1st Whole 30, that I found I also LOVED finding the best way to fuel my body with the best tasting food possible. At first, I would spend hours, multiple times a week, in the kitchen prepping meals – it excited me that I found a hobby (is that a stretch?) that I enjoyed so much. I was working 3-12 hour days a week, which meant I had plenty of time on the other days to scour the internet for my next recipe, gallivant around grocery stores looking for the perfect ingredients, and then maneuver my way around our galley kitchen to create a picture perfect dinner that was waiting for my sweet man after a long hard day’s work.

Let’s fast forward to this year: between planning a wedding, buying a house, tearing out the kitchen, remodeling said kitchen on our own (mostly), bringing home a sweet but over-the-top rambunctious puppy, two full time jobs & MBA night classes…well let’s just say leisurely cooking became a thing of the past.

But I wasn’t willing to sacrifice our health, taste buds or SANITY. I had to figure out a way to manage it all & to be honest, I was intrigued by the challenge. I have never, and will never, claim to be the next Julia Child. But I do feel like I am getting pretty dang good at this whole plan, prep, eat thing.

My hope with this blog is to share my process each week that allows Ross and I to grab-and-go for breakfast, lunch & dinner throughout the week WITHOUT the guilt of going through a drive-through.

Here is the DISCLAIMER: There is no way around it, making a commitment to eating healthy, whole foods is time consuming & can sometimes (we will talk more about this) be expensive. BUT if you find a routine that works for you and make it a priority to spend a few hours in the kitchen at the beginning of the week, I promise that you will be hugging yourself come Wednesday when you can Netflix & Chill.

Sending good chives your way,



3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Heather says:

    I am a huge fan of cook once eat many times including healthy foods. Looking forward to following your adventures! Thanks for sharing!!


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