Pesto Breakfast Hash

This week has been taking FOREVER. Which I knew it would because I am literally counting down the hours until Saturday when FIVE, you read that right FIVE, of my best friends are coming to visit me! I am having a difficult time concentrating on anything besides planning our menus (because hello, I love food), picking out what signature drinks I will be serving (because hello, it’s a girls weekend) and planning all the things we need to do in the few short days they are here! The reason this is even MORE fun of a girls weekend is because these gals and I all went to college together, HERE at the University of Iowa! We will be living our glory days to the full extent. So over the next few days I will be trying out some recipes to share with the girls, cleaning our house (which currently has two dogs living in it…oh man), and finishing out the work week. Do you have any exciting Memorial Day plans? Do tell!

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Italian Turkey Stuffed Peppers

Summer is in full swing people! That means warm days soaking in every ounce of sunshine, nights spent eating dinner on the patio, and most of all busy BUSY schedules. This summer, amongst other things, I am going to work on making more time for things that make me “me”. Some days that may mean making a new recipe rather than doing the dishes, taking Grady for a long walk rather than running my allotted miles at the gym, or spending a rainy Sunday laying around with Ross rather than folding laundry. I have realized that life is moving SO FAST and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down. Maybe we can all start finding ways to incorporate our hobbies, passions, friends and loved ones into our day to day more & worry about all that adulting stuff THE NEXT day.

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Whole 30 Recap

We have finished our Whole 30! I will admit the first two weeks felt like 2 years, but these last two went by rather fast. Maybe that as because I was starting to feel the positive changes or I was back in the rhythm – either way, WE MADE IT! But, the day after Whole 30 is always the hardest for me because I get this strange, nervous feeling that if I don’t have rules telling me I can or can’t eat something, that I will fall off the wagon – hard. Which to be quite honest has happened before. Melissa Hartwig, one of the creators of Whole 30, talks about this a lot – the idea of Food Freedom. Last year she even published a book called just that: Food Freedom Forever. So my “gift” to myself for finishing another Whole 30 is this: I am going to buy Food Freedom Forever, I am going to read it and I am going to continue working on focusing on good, whole foods that FUEL me.

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Turkey Lettuce Wraps

Does time ever feel like it’s just whirling past you? As though you can barely take a breath, let alone a step back to enjoy it? Well I can’t speak for you – but that is how I have been feeling lately! It’s not a bad thing, necessarily, but it just makes me want to start enjoying every moment a little more. So as we start off May and a VERY busy summer – that is what I am going to set out to do. Less focus on the bad/annoying things, more focus on the good/positive things! Easy. 🙂

I will start by sharing something good, dare I say GREAT with you! And that’s this recipe for my Turkey Lettuce Wraps. Now, I definitely did not invent the lettuce wrap…but I did eat a LOT of them at P.F. Chang’s in high school and college so I do consider myself a connoisseur of sorts. Lettuce wraps are a great source of protein, they are easy to make and the flavors can be adjusted based on what ingredients you have available. The recipe I am sharing today is my “go-to” recipe. I should also note, this is a great recipe for meal prep – I ate ours for 4 days last week. #ILOVELEFTOVERS

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Mini Meal Prep

Another weekend has come and gone! The weather here in Iowa was just miserable, making it much harder for me to want to leave the house and be productive. But after slowly moving my body closer to the front door (read: moved from the couch to the breakfast bar, from the breakfast bar to the kitchen table, from the kitchen table to the stairs and FINALLY out the door) I was able to get grocery shopping & a mini food prep done.

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