Sweet Potato Pesto Noodle Bowl

Things got a little wild in our house last night. I experimented with a new 30-minute dinner! Luckily for us, and you all, it was delicious. Like borderline TOO good for how easy it was.

Remember the Whole 30 pesto & the sweet potato noodles I prepped on Sunday? They were the star of this dish!

Chicken apple sausages add protein & sweetness to the meal and sautéed peppers & onions complete the dish.

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Thyme to Plan – Week 4

You guys, it’s here…TIGER BLOOD is here! This is the moment I have been waiting for since Day 4 of this Whole 30 round. The past week I have been feeling SO tired and CONSTANTLY hungry, but today I woke up feeling completely refreshed and ready to take on the day. (Also, what is it about sunny days that make everything you are doing more enjoyable? It’s the best.)

First thing I did this morning? Make my Costco run. I knew I was attempting a borderline dangerous task by going to Costco on a Sunday, but I tried to go last night (Saturday) only to find that they were CLOSED! (6 PM closing time on a Saturday seems a little extreme to me…just sayin’) Here is what I got from Costco:


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Whole 30 Easter

Here’s something you need to know. Every time we plan our next Whole 30 we spend a long time reviewing the calendar to see what social events and holidays are coming up. If possible, we try to avoid them because, well… it’s way easier. But year after year our schedules continue to get busier – between weddings, birthdays, weekend trips, and holidays, it’s nearly impossible to find a full THIRTY days where we have nothing going on & that’s exactly what we were running into when we were trying to plan this Whole 30. SO, we bit the bullet and decided that our Whole 30 would coincide with Easter this year. My mission? To create an Easter menu that would 1.) have us Whole 30ers feeling full & satisfied and 2.) have the non-Whole 30ers not know they were missing anything!

I am happy to share that even though there were no bagels with breakfast, honey glazed ham with dinner or chocolate with dessert – EASTER WAS A SUCCESS! What made it even better was that our families all enjoyed it just as much as we did. Since it was such a hit – I knew I had to share the recipes I used with you all!

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Whole 30 Kitchen Prep – Part 3 of 3

Our April Whole 30 has officially started! I practiced what I preached over the last week and cleaned out our kitchen of non-compliant items & then filled our pantry and fridge with lots of delicious Whole 30 ingredients and snacks. I had planned to make A TON of food on Sunday, but to say I wasn’t feeling the greatest would be putting it lightly. BUT I still managed to make an egg bake for breakfast and we utilized leftovers (that were Whole 30) for lunch. So, here we are – DAY TWO!

Rather than give you another list of things to go out and buy (your wallet can thank me later) I wanted to share with you the Top 5 Things I Have Learned from My Whole 30 Experience. 

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Whole 30 Kitchen Prep – Part 2 of 3

Alright people, it’s getting closer! 4 days & counting…I am more excited for this round of Whole 30 than I have been for out last few. I’m not exactly sure why, but whatever the reason is I’m DIGGIN’ IT!

As promised, this is PART DOS of the Whole 30 Kitchen Prep series. Today I’m sharing my favorite refrigerator and freezer staples. A pantry is great, a well stocked pantry…EVEN BETTER. But you can’t put together a real (IMO) Whole 30 meal without your fridge!

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Whole 30 Kitchen Prep – Part 1 of 3

It’s Sunday – the day commonly referred to as “the day of rest.” But if you want to make sure you’re ready for the week – Sunday is also the day for prepping and organization…followed by rest, because I’m not a crazy person!

As I shared a few weeks ago, Ross and I are starting our next Whole 30 on April 10th. We are both looking forward to resetting our eating habits and all of the other great things that come along with eating only WHOLE foods. (Examples: sleeping better, brighter skin, less anxiety/stress, MORE ENERGY…just to name a few!)

I know that a program like the Whole 30 can be daunting when you are doing it for the 1st time. I felt overwhelmed before we started our first one, but I reached out to those who had completed one, used online resources & most importantly I prepared our kitchen beforehand. So now, with 7 days left before we start on our next Whole 30 adventure, I am focusing on what I need to do to, once again, get our kitchen ready! The whole process isn’t complicated, it really boils down to 3 steps:

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