Try It Tuesday

I follow food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers – all KINDS of bloggers. I have learned about new ways to clean my towels, new places to buy cold-shoulder sweaters (please oh please fashion gods, let them stay in style), and best of all NEW FOODS TO TRY.

But for some reason I still can spend 10 minutes (easily) at the grocery store looking at the label of a new product, thinking about how I can use it in recipes, doing mental math to figure out if I have room in the budget…typically to just decide “ah, maybe next time” and put it right back on its little shelf. Then, logically, I spend most of the drive home being pissed at myself for not buying it.

Well, enough is ENOUGH! I think it’s time I stop being such a scaredy-cat and join them. So on this fateful Tuesday, I am beginning what will be known for the rest of time as TRY IT TUESDAY. My hope is to make it a liiiiitttttllllleee less hard for you to decide what new item(s) you can add to your cart & give you some ideas on how to put them to use.

I feel that it’s only appropriate to start with a brand that is talked about on just about every Paleo source out there: Tessemae’s. This week, I tried their Honey Balsamic dressing/marinade and goodness gracious it’s delicious! (This is coming from a honey mustard fanatic, so I’m a tough critic.) Tessemae’s makes CLEAN, HEALTHY salad dressings you don’t need to feel guilty about eating. (Not that I am a proponent of ever feeling guilty when you eat…BUT ’tis life)

I had been looking for a way to create an easy & filling meal to throw together post-workout – and this dressing helped me do it! I was able to cook ALL of the items below in less than 30 min & now I have at least FOUR POST WORKOUT MEALS ready to go.

  1. Chop broccoli & brussels sprouts – drizzle with oil (avocado oil is my favorite!), salt & pepper
  2. Season chicken (himalayan sea salt blend for me) & cook in the cast iron skillet
  3. Cook quinoa according to package directions


I’m not joking when I say I did all of the above in 30 minutes – and then I was able to change, head to the gym  & know that I had a delicious, dare I say MOUTH WATERING, meal ready for me when I got home.


The dressing is sweet, but the acidity from the balsamic makes it not overpowering and it tasted amazing with the veggies. I didn’t even need to add any additional seasonings. Just enjoyed this baby au natural with my Honey Balsamic drizzle. Heck to the yeah.

Note: this dressing is Paleo but NOT Whole 30 approved due to the honey; however, a number of their other products are Whole 30…did someone say RANCH DRESSING? YES.

Sending Good Chives Your Way,



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