Easy Peasy Turkey Meatloaf

I need to get something off my chest. I am just gonna lay it all out – and it might not be pretty.

I WENT TO KFC THIS WEEKEND! *insert sad, but sort of enjoyed it, emoji here* Oh my gosh I feel so much better already.

Here’s the deal, and the reason I am sharing this with you, I by NO MEANS have my food act completely together. Do I try very hard to keep my diet in check? Yes, I really do. But do I have the ability to fall victim to the Colonel on days when my head is pounding so hard I think it might explode & my stomach wants nothing but pure grease (a.k.a. a hangover…)? Yes, okay?! I’M HUMAN! I do not want to give any illusions with this blog that healthy eating comes easy to me all the time – it is still a conscious decision I make everyday. I didn’t just wake up one day and hate doritos and red wine & only want to eat chicken and vegetables. (That will never happen.)

BUT here is the thing…the key to my healthy relationship with food has been moving on. Not focusing on the fact that I could have (and probably should have) made a better choice. I didn’t – that’s that. And feeling sad, mad, embarrassed, or guilty about it isn’t going to change that I, Shauna the paleo cooking blogger, ATE A KFC BOWL. However, can I try to catalog those feelings and retrieve them the next time I have had one too many drinks on a girls night out and am feeling a little rough the following day? I sure can! And that’s my point to all of this folks – no one is perfect. We are all trying to balance our lives with health choices. Hopefully we make more healthy choices than not, AND THIS RECIPE CAN BE ONE OF THEM! Great segue, I know…

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Planning for the Week Ahead

Welcome to the weekend, friends!

Two big things happened this week: I started my new job (YAY!) and we got new windows in our house (double YAY!). A less big, also known as smaller, thing happened this week – I joined Anytime Fitness.

I am sharing about the windows just because I am so dang excited about them & happy with the way they turned out. The old windows were original to the house (or at least seemed like it) and many didn’t even open anymore. So having fresh air flow through these new windows is currently my little slice of heaven. (Maybe I need to get out more?) BUT the other two things that happened this week (job & gym) were the source of inspiration for this post. 

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Two – “Too Quick” Recipes

Let me lay out a scenario for you…

You are out of town all weekend. You get home Sunday night and feel lucky to have managed to get your laundry done so you have clean clothes for work in the morning. You wake up late on Monday because…Monday. You stop at Starbucks on your way into the office and grab something “healthy”. At work, the “let’s go out to lunch” crew is in full force and you join along – choosing a burger with no bun but still eat all the fries (hypothetically speaking…). By the time you get home ALL you want is a HEALTHY home cooked meal – but the newest episode of *insert your favorite Monday night TV show* is on at 8 PM. WHAT DO YOU COOK?

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Try It Tuesday

I follow food bloggers, lifestyle bloggers, fashion bloggers – all KINDS of bloggers. I have learned about new ways to clean my towels, new places to buy cold-shoulder sweaters (please oh please fashion gods, let them stay in style), and best of all NEW FOODS TO TRY.

But for some reason I still can spend 10 minutes (easily) at the grocery store looking at the label of a new product, thinking about how I can use it in recipes, doing mental math to figure out if I have room in the budget…typically to just decide “ah, maybe next time” and put it right back on its little shelf. Then, logically, I spend most of the drive home being pissed at myself for not buying it.

Well, enough is ENOUGH! I think it’s time I stop being such a scaredy-cat and join them. So on this fateful Tuesday, I am beginning what will be known for the rest of time as TRY IT TUESDAY. My hope is to make it a liiiiitttttllllleee less hard for you to decide what new item(s) you can add to your cart & give you some ideas on how to put them to use.

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5 Go-To Recipes

There are THOUSANDS, dare I say MILLIONS of recipes out there just waiting to be made & enjoyed. But the problem is – creativity takes time…and planning…and patience. My goal each week is *typically* to make at least ONE new recipe. That seems reasonable doesn’t it? The key to making this work is planning the rest of my meals and seeing what ingredients I will have on hand. Then I spend some time reviewing my Pinterest board (please tell me I am not the only person who lives & dies by Pinterest?) or cookbooks to find a new recipe that doesn’t require me to purchase all separate ingredients. (This saves money and sanity.)

Quick side note. I love cookbooks. I have a lot. But I tend to forget I own them when I actually need a recipe. I plan to do a post on my favorite ones soon, but if you ever want a recommendation, please let me know. It makes me feel so official having a cookbook open on the counter, with it’s beautiful pictures & stains from the last time I used it, when I’m cooking away. 

Back to recipes. So, like I said – new recipes are great. They help stir up creativity, they help you practice new skills/techniques and they help you get out of those cooking ruts we all suffer from. BUT what about those tried and true recipes that are so good you just cannot remove them from your repertoire? THAT’S what I want to talk about today!

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