My Kitchen Essentials

Recipes are great. I literally don’t know what I would do without them. But my BIGGEST pet peeve when I started cooking was that it seemed I never had the right tools to complete a recipe from start to finish. Sure I had things that could physically do the job – but everything was more cumbersome, more of a mess and more of a reason to not want to cook. I quickly realized that I needed to stock the kitchen with some essentials, things I was seeing in a majority of recipes. My goal in sharing these with you is NOT to have you go out and spend a ton of $$$ tomorrow; however, I DO suggest seeing what things you would like to add to your kitchen arsenal and make a list. Then when you are at the store, find yourself with a few extra dollars OR (the best option) someone asks what you want for birthday/holiday THEN you get them! Building this collection has taken me 3 years (& a wedding – which if we are being serious is the best way to get all this stuff so engaged friends add this ALL to your registry), but I enjoy being in the kitchen SO much more now that I have the right tools.

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Thyme To Plan – Week 3

Let’s get real transparent for a second. Remember a few weeks back when I said how making time to meal prep is a huge commitment? And that cooking all that food takes A LOT of time? Was not kidding. I quickly got overwhelmed with the planning, cooking and documenting. BUT this is what life is all about – taking a step back to evaluate. So with some new ideas and tricks to make the process easier, I am back in the swing of things!

One key piece of staying sane in the kitchen: KISS. (The ol’ Keep It Simple Stupid) While I was cooking for another family, I wanted to make sure things never got boring and that they didn’t feel like they were eating the same thing all week. What that meant was A LOT of different meals, ingredients, kitchen tools, etc… To be honest, in the end it was SO worth it because Ross and I got to reep the benefits as well. But – it did remind me that every week we do not have to make TEN recipes. So that’s my plan for the next few weeks – picking a few recipe favorites and maybe ONE new recipe & make those work for our meals.

This week’s meal plan, brought to you by my new favorite notebook:


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