Thyme to Plan – Week 2

I want to start off with a couple of disclaimers on this post, so that I can make sure you all don’t think I am a crazy lunatic.

  • I am currently prepping food each week for 4 people. Ross & myself, then my first “customer” (which I still feel weird saying but I mean it’s true!). That means SIXTY servings of food to get us from Monday – Friday: breakfast, lunch and dinner. That’s a lot of food, if you are cooking for yourself or just you and another person – you definitely do not need to make as many recipes as I do each week. (But hey, I’m not the boss of you – you do what you want!)


  • Because I am cooking for other people right now, I am trying to make variety one of my weekly priorities. This is ANOTHER reason why I am making so many recipes, rather than doubling ingredients. At the risk of sounding redundant – you definitely do not need to make as many recipes as I do each week.
  • These meals are being made under Whole 30 guidelines – if recipes call for anything that falls out of bounds, I am just making simple swaps (which I will highlight). But if you want to add cheese? Go for it! Think a little bit of rice would bring together a meal? DO IT.
  • I am slowly but surely shortening my prep time – this takes practice and I have not mastered it yet. An average day of cooking all this food takes about 8 hours and then PLEASE do not get me started on dishes. The bane of my existence. But I am going to keep it real and show you the aftermath. This is not to scare you, it’s just to tell you that I do not have some kind of magical process that takes no time and alleviates dishes. (Although I would pay a lot of money for that.)img_2808
(In other completely unrelated news, we are getting new windows! It will be a few months until they can install them, but don’t you worry – lots of before & afters will be posted.) (P.S. That small brown and white thing outside is GRADY!)

Okay, I think that’s about it for now. Let’s get into the GOOD STUFF.

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Whole What?

Happy hump day!

Before we get too invested in our relationship – I wanted to shed some light on something near and dear to my heart & something that I will most likely talk about, A LOT. And that is The Whole 30 (this website is CHOCK FULL of information, support, forums and recipes – check it out)

To put it simply, the Whole 30 is a 30 day plan that has the ability to change your health and your life. 

You DO eat: meats, vegetables, fruits, nuts & healthy fats.

You DON’T eat: sugar (this includes alcohol – GASP!), grains, dairy, legumes.

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Thyme to Plan – Week 1

Happy Monday!

Each week I will be sharing my meal prep – from menu, to grocery shopping, to the actual cooking. I hope you can use this information to help shape YOUR meal prep to set you up for success throughout the week.

You’ll catch on quickly that we don’t try to complicate our menu by making A TON of different recipes for breakfast, lunch & dinner. Instead, we use big batch recipes to make the most of our grocery budget.


Breakfast: Egg Bake (added peppers & broccoli) with Fruit Cups

Lunches/Dinners: Brussels Sprout Quinoa Salad with Grilled Chicken, Sweet Potato Chili, Roasted Salmon & Vegetables


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